The Wilson Arms, Torver. Movie Night – Casino Royale

Tuesday night is Movie Night at The Wilson Arms Torver. Next up, on Tuesday 17th January, as voted by yesterdays viewers………

Torver Pubs The Wilson Arms

Tuesday Night is Movie Night at The Wilson Arms Torver

Popcorn & Drinks available. Optional Fancy Dress. Film begins at 7:30pm.

The Wilson Arms, Torver, Coniston, Cumbria LA21 8BB. 01539441237. Contact Us

Shaken or stirred.

The Vodka Martini recipe as specified by Mr Bond himself…….

  • 3 measures of Gordon’s gin. 1 of vodka. 1/2 a measure of Kina Lillet [a brand of vermouth].slice of Lemon.

Unusually, Bond keeps both spirits. A traditional martini is made with gin, dry vermouth and either an olive or a lemon peel. A Vodka Martini normally replaces the gin with vodka. Hard drinking Bond adds the vodka to the gin.

Difference between shaken and stirred……..

  • Shaken is a colder drink as the ice has more contact, a vodka martini has to be cold or it tastes nasty whereas a traditional martini should be stirred and doesn’t need to be so cold to keep the delicate flavours of the gin.
  • Shaking dissolves air into the mix -“bruising” the gin – leaving a very sharp taste.
  • A shaken Martini will better dissolve the Vermouth – giving the drink a less oily texture.