”The Wilsons Arms, Torver Pubs, Feedback”

An excellent place, newly and well decorated, very appealing indeed. Not only are dogs welcomed, assumed they behave, but if you ask, I think they may even look after your horse! Well, maybe, they are horse lovers and riders.

The first thing of particular import to me is that Wilson’s is also very welcoming, and the staff is most helpful were my mother is concerned. She is 83 and severely handicapped. So I take her often there, and she enjoys it too.

Another item is the coffee, which is excellent. My only gripe here is that it isn’t served in syringes – I’m a caffeine addict…

The staff are wonderful and keen to help, may I mention in particular Cathy as well as the proprietor Francis.

Finally the food, always good quality, decent portions and very well presented. They really make an effort, so that the eyes can eat as well.

In summary, I have become a regular, even though it’s a 20-30 minute trip from where I live. But given the scenery it’s also a very pleasant and relaxing journey, driving along Coniston Lake.